Since its inception, the Panasonic Foundation has maintained a commitment to the improvement of public education. As we continue in the 21st century, this commitment has grown stronger. We understand what it means to prepare students for a global economy and believe that schools need to adjust (as any organization does) in order to meet the ever-changing needs of its most important consumer: its students. As such, ALL schools must ensure that they are operating at the system-level in ways which promote rigorous learning for ALL students. The System-wide Equity Framework and Assessment Tool (SEFAT) is our contribution to achieving this goal.

At its core, SEFAT is two things. First, it’s an assessment, a survey, where all voices count! Everyone in the district is invited to take the SEFAT survey—from the Boardroom to the lunchroom, from the Superintendent to the part-time nurse! SEFAT is designed so that every vote counts! This online assessment utilizes a jargon-free rubric which allows each respondent to assess his/her district anonymously and honestly. Second, SEFAT is a framework; a way of modeling the kind of thinking and inquiry required of high performing schools. In this way, our goal is to provide an individual and collective learning experience for the district and those within it; and this learning experience is designed to inform strategic actions that will ensure high outcomes for ALL kids.